Why iPhone Apps are the Growth Area of Web Development

It’s estimated that more than 300,000 mobile applications have been developed over the past three years and have been downloaded a whopping 10.9 million times. Considering the demand for mobile apps is predicted to peak around 2013, it’s no surprise at all that creating iPhone apps is one of the key activities of those in the web development industry. >

For those not in the know, iPhone apps are applications that have been specifically built for the Apple iPhone model of smart phone. Some iPhone apps also work across recent versions of the Apple iPod touch and other competing models of smart phone. iPhone applications are specifically developed software tools that are downloadable from the Apple iTunes store. Once downloaded, the app appears as an icon on the screen of the iPhone and is accessed by touching the icon which launches the application, thus avoiding the use of a web browser.

The production of iPhone apps is a thriving area of web development because, due to the popularity of iPhones and mobile internet access, they give businesses a new competitive edge in their online marketing campaigns. Cashing in on the popularity of iPhones and the addictive nature of downloads, time invested in advancements in web development for iPhone apps ensures that they are an interactive, useful and informative way of promoting a product, website or service. Capturing the attention of time-poor potential customers relies on creating an instant connection which is why web development teams are so focussed on the advancement of iPhone apps. Apps have the simple and important capacity to appeal to the short attention spans and internet addictions of the target audience. As well as promoting the brand, product of service in an enjoyable way, iPhone apps serve a useful purpose by providing immediate and convenient access to tools and/or entertaining content.

Web development is the area of technological advancement that has the most to offer in the production of iPhone apps because it is the area of IT that is focussed on the ‘back-end’ functionality of web programs and websites. While apps must be attractive to look at, and some degrees of web design skills are involved, it is web development skills that put the actual ‘application’ in the app. For businesses wanting their products and services to dominate over the next couple of years, there is no greater advantage available than that offered by the iPhone app – that’s unless a new mobile broadband device is introduced in the meantime, which could just occupy the services of web development instead!

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