I Guess That Old Walter is Done Caring

Of course he was always a really serious guy when I knew him, but he had a wife and family to look after and he seemed intent to do a thorough job that. He was a millionaire when I was just a teenager who washed his Cadillacs and mowed his grass. He did not really live like it. From what I understand he is a millionaire many times over even after the divorce. He found out I was in Las Vegas somehow and tracked me down. He is not the same guy at all. Two Las Vegas Asian escorts were with him when I met him, one on each arm. Apparently he had made them some sort of offer that was better than they got from working for the agency. I knew why immediately, when I was young he used to talk about flying as a navigator in the Vietnam war and going on leave to some place just outside of the gates of Clark Air Force base near Manila in the Philippines.

He gave me a pocket full of chips for the casino and I nearly had a heart attack when I realized what they were worth. At any rate they treated him like a king in that place, but he seemed to make everyone there really nervous. I figured out why really quick. He was actually playing smart, but it looked like he was just wild. He would bet thousands of dollars on a single turn of a card at the black jack table. This was over and over. Some times he would put a chip randomly in front of my cards. I do not know why or how, but every time he did it I would win save for the second time that he did it. Somehow I was shocked at paying taxes on the big pile of chips I won.

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