What is Market Mastery Recruiting?

General recruiting agencies typically use the same processes and recruiters for positions in all industries. That may work for entry-level and middle management positions but is not very successful for top management and executive positions. Market mastery recruiting is a process used by top ranked agencies, which makes the difference between obscurity and notoriety. What market mastery refers to is the practice of using recruiters who have experience or educational backgrounds in the industries for which they recruit top-level executives. They are familiar with the challenges of the industry, know about the regulations, and have an idea of the demands of the positions.

Recruiters use that information to match candidates with companies. They are more thorough when asking questions, know what to look for when verifying qualifications, and can also help clients with developing a compensation package for upper management vacancies. The list presented to clients for second interviews is more likely to result in a hire that will last a long time and be successful for both the candidate and the company. Longevity is essential in top positions because the input from executives is the driving force that moves a company forward.

Professionals who are seeking a career change should consider becoming a recruiter. Explore the possibilities and opportunities that exist in top-ranked agencies. The results may surprise you. The work is rewarding, bonuses are offered, and many agencies reward success with trips, promotions, and other career advancement opportunities. Research top agencies and discover what types of experience they are seeking in recruiters for different industries. There are agencies that specialize in construction, health care, technology, international corporations, and logistics, among others. Recruiting is also a fun idea for a second career for those who are bored in retirement or are feeling burned out in their current positions. Helping companies fill vacancies with promising new talent, progressive thinkers, and experienced people who can lead is a wonderful use of personal experiences and passions. Leaving a position does not have to mean leaving the industry, it can be served by finding people to improve the processes and procedures practiced by companies.

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